Mad Men

This is the last time I wore this dress. I noticed the lining peeking out below the dress and decided to chuck it. I loved the dress but I guess washing it must have slowly shrunk the outer shell. Also, I should have worn sunglasses. I didn’t realize how much I was squinting.

I think this dress has kind of a vintage look to it. I feel like I should be an extra on Mad Men.

dress 1 dress back dress 2

I believe I got the dress on the clearance rack at Kohl’s. Shoes are from Target.

Sausage Dip

Here is yet another Super Bowl recipe. I am a huge Rachael Ray fan and have made several of her recipes over the years. This might have been on of the tops. It tasted exactly like pizza but it was a dip! I made a few changes, for our preferences and for what was available at the grocery store.

sausage dip 2

Here is the original recipe. Below is my adaptation.

1 tbsp olive oil
1 pound hot Italian sausage
1/2 white onion, chopped
4-6 cloves garlic
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1 cup mozzarella shredded cheese
2/3 cup shredded Parmesan
1 tsp dried oregano
1 cup tomato sauce

sausage dip 3


In a medium skillet, heat the olive oil over medium-high heat. Cook the sausage, breaking it up into little bits with a wooden spoon, until browned. Drain off all but a few tablespoons of fat from the sausage. Reduce the heat to medium, push the sausage to the sides of the pan, add the onion and garlic to the center and cook until tender, 6 to 8 minutes. Mix into the sausage and remove the pan from the heat.

Preheat the broiler with the rack set 8 to 10 inches away from the heat. Combine the cream cheese with half the mozzarella and half the Parmesan. Stir in the oregano and then fold the sausage into the combined cheeses. Spread the mixture into a casserole. Top with the tomato sauce and the remaining cheese. Cover with foil and broil for 2 minutes, then uncover and broil until bubbling, about 5 minutes. Serve with the french bread.

sausage dip 1

You may want to use a spoon to break through the cheese on the first try. I highly recommend this recipe. I believe it would be a hit at any party!

Weekend Wear

Most of my Thursday Threads are work outfits because that is what I wear most often (and what looks the best). On weekends I usually bum around in tennis shoes, jeans and some kind of team shirt. If it is cold I throw on a sweatshirt.

Here is an example of what I wear on the weekends.

coyotes 1 coyotes 2


Top: Old
Jeans: Really old (Ralph Lauren Polo)
Tennis Shoes: Nikes

I know the edits aren’t perfect but I just started using Picasa. I am figuring it out and it will take a few shots!

What do you wear on the weekends? Do you keep a similar style to what you wear to work?

All photos copyright Heelaholic, 2014.

Under Armor

Under Armour (UA) has quickly become one of my favorite brands for wearing while working out. They are sometimes a little pricey but I find shopping the sales I can end up with some good merchandise at a decent price.

I put together an outfit that I would totally wear this summer. Would someone buy this for me??

sports bra

First layer: Sports bra. I like this color and I like the “I Will” on the band. Price: $29.99

shirt front shirt back

Since I am not quite ready to run in just a sports bra, I like this top. It is loose and made of mesh so perfect for those outdoor summer sweat session. I like the open back; shows off that great sports bra above (the black cross is not part of the shirt). Price: $34.99


Finally, capris. I don’t like the extremely short compression shorts, as I feel my butt checks are too much on display but UA’s longer compression shorts are usually just plain black, so boring. I wish their 7″ shorts came in something other than black; they also come in white and light pink/coral (not exactly fun colors). Anyway, so capris with some blue to match the top. Price: $39.99

Outfit total: $104.97

That is a little out of my price range. I will dream of these pieces as I wait for them to go on sale.

What do you like working out in? Do you try to match? What is your favorite brand(s) of workout gear?

J’s Book Corner

I love to read. I read books, magazines,  the internet, whatever. I am willing to read a wide variety of books and authors, although I do have my favorite.
I am going to try to share my books with you all. There is no framework for this so sometimes it might be a review,  a summary or just saying to check a book or author out.

My goal for this year is to read 46 books, one more than last year. I usually read books on my commute and lunch hour. At home I read magazines and news stories. I currently am at 18 books, 6 books ahead of schedule per Goodreads.

I will read actual books or kindle, depending on if its a good deal. I read both non-fiction and fiction. My favorite genres are true crime and chick lit. I love some classics. I will re-read books if it has been a few years; it is like reading it for the first time.

My favorite authors include Chuck Palahniuk, Dean Koontz, Jennifer Weiner and Jodi Picoult.

I read my first Alex Cross (James Patterson) book and immediately went oout and bought two more. I also really enjoy Barbara Freethy and plan to read more of her books.

I also like the Stieg Larsson books and plan to read more Scandanavian thriller books. I’ve bought several Jo Nesbo books.

I enjoy biographies and books on pieces of histroy. I read a lot of books on WWII and Nazi Germany. I just find it a fascinating amd horrible time.

I  not a fan of romance novels. I’ve read a few and don’t mind some but I don’t seek them out. I have the Fifty Shades books (someone gave them to me) but
have yet to read them. They just don’t interest me and I’ve heard the writing is terrible.

I look forward to sharing my world of books with you! And maybe you can share some of your favorites with me. I am always looking for new books/authors.

Oreo Rice Krispies

This is another treat I made for the super bowl. I was really happy with the results. In fact I have been thinking of other treats to add in: reese’s pieces, peanut butter cups, m & m’s.

rice krispies plate


What cookies or candies would you add to rice krispies?

rice krispies plate close up

I used Lauren Conrad’s recipe, which apparently is no longer on her website and I cannot properly link.

rice krispies close up

6 cups rice krispie cereal
1 10 oz bag of mini marshmallows
20 oreo cookies
3 tbsp butter (I used unsalted)

Crush oreos, try to make some pieces larger and some smaller. Mix with rice krispies cereal. Melt butter and marshmallows on stove top. Once melted, pour over rice krispie/oreo mixture. Mix well. Press into 13×9 pan. Let set.

Makes 12 treats with approximately 241 calories.

All photos copyright Heelaholic, 2014.

TDEE Method

Ok, ok, ok… I know I have been promising this post for a few weeks now but you are finally getting it! YAY!

This is the method I use to figure out how many calories I need to eat daily. This method works if you are eating to maintain or lose weight (or I guess bulking too). There are many, many, many calculators out there. I prefer the fat 2 fit radio calculator. I prefer this method because you eat the same amount every day. You don’t have to eat back exercise calories like some methods.

Please note, all links are set to open in a new window.

Please note, these are all just estimates. If you aren’t doing what you need (maintaining, losing etc) then you may need to adjust up or down. If you are trying to lose weight be sure to weigh everything possible. If you don’t have a kitchen scale I highly recommend one. I got mine at Target for about $20.

There are several calculators on this site. I will try to explain, as simply as I can, what I do. I have found this to be the best method and website for me. I will use my real numbers and screen shots as a guide for you. You will need a tape measure and scale to get the most accurate numbers.

You will first need to get an estimate of your body fat. I recommend using the Body Fat, Military and Covert Bailey and taking the average.

body fat 1 body fat 2

military body fat 1military body fat 2


covert bailey body fat 1 covert bailey body fat 2

After you have a body fat idea (note: it is an estimate and not entirely correct) you can complete the BMR/TDEE calculation.

bmr 1 bmr 2bmr 3

I do things a little bit different. Instead of putting in my goal weight I re-enter my current weight. I now know how many calories I need to maintain. But what if you want to lose weight? Have no fear, I have a solution for that. You eat 10, 15 or 20% less than your given calorie goal. The percent you choose depends on a few factors. The main one is how much weight do you need to lose? If you are overweight/obese you can most likely go with 20%. If you are 5-10 pounds away from a healthy weight range, go with 15%. If you are already in a healthy range but want to drop lower in the healthy range, use 10%. I currently use 10% because I am in the healthy range for my height but wish to lose about 10-15 more pounds.

Now, how do you determine your activity level? I think of it as hours per week instead of days. It makes it a little easier. If you exercise 1-3 hours a week use the lightly active; if you are around 6 hours use very active. If you feel you are somewhere in between levels, pick a calorie goal between them!

Disclaimer: In the first week or two you may not see results. If you change habits sometimes your body freaks out and holds onto weight because it doesn’t know what is going on. Please give this about 4 weeks and if it doesn’t work then play with your numbers. If you are losing too much, add back 100 calories each week until you lose at the weight you want. If you aren’t losing (or gaining) then cut 100 calories each week. These are all estimates and all results may very.

Disclaimer #2: I am not a doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer or anything that qualifies me to give advice. This is what I have found, through much research over the years, that has worked for me. Please consult your doctor before trying this. I am not liable for anything that happens if you use this method. I am not the first to use this method. I am not the people who came up with this method.

Black and Gray and Snakeskin All Over

I love this top. It is a sweatshirt but it looks fancy enough to wear to work. It is super soft. I think I wore it once a week this winter. I paired it with a fitted pencil skirt, black tights and heels (to create a long-legged look instead of my usual short stubby ones).

What was your favorite piece to wear this winter?

blk pencil skirt 5

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Target

blk pencil skirt 4 blk pencil skirt 3 blk pencil skirt 2 blk pencil skirt 1

Rainy Day Accessories

Now, living in the desert I don’t have much use for rainy day accessories but I couldn’t resist when I saw this coat and umbrella featured in People Style Watch. I love the Michael Kors trench. I have a thing for grommets. I also love a good houndstooth pattern and think it looks fabulous on an umbrella. I didn’t like the rain boots in the magazine so I found a different pair, more price appropriate at Target.

What do you like to wear on those rainy days?

trench coat


boots target





I love avocados and therefore I love guacamole. Usually I make guac from scratch. I buy avocados and use my muscles to smash them. Well, the last time I made guac the avocados were not in my favor. I was shopping the day before I made the guac and many avocados were far from ripe while the rest were past ripe. I really wanted guac so I grabbed a pack of wholly guacamole. It turned out ok, but it was not as good as home-made. LOL

I mixed in chopped jalapenos and queso fresco along with some garlic and onion powder to spice it up. Then I topped it with a little more queso fresco. This was not a complicated Tasty Tuesday… I mostly just wanted to share these pictures with you!

What is your favorite way to make guacamole? Chunky or smooth? Add-Ins?

guac 7 guac 6 guac 5 guac 4 guac 3 guac 2 guac 1